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Bonus Rounds in Indiana Jones Slots Make You a Sure Winner

Indiana Jones has willingly taken us on all his adventures in his movies and has become everyone's idol when it comes to his bravery. Casinos honor the character of Indiana Jones with Indiana Jones slots and it's no surprise that these slot machines made their way to the top slots played in casinos.

There are several Indiana Jones slots depending on which movies we want to relive but all of them are packed with bonus rounds and all offer a progressive jackpot. Indiana Jones slots are a part of a network of progressive slots so every time someone plays, they contribute to the growing amount of the progressive jackpot. The clips from the movies are of the best quality, and that's expected considering that what Indiana Jones slots use is the Advanced Video Platform. The clips are activated when the bonus rounds start.

There are several bonus rounds with the Indiana Jones slots and it's worth talking about a few of the good ones so that the next we play, we know what to expect and it'll be easier to win the progressive jackpot. One of the bonus rounds is the Stacked Wilds and when these icons match up, the player gets lucky with free spins. The best thing about these free spins in the Indiana Jones slots is that they have a multiplier up to 99 which means we can wins lots and lots of extra coins.

The variant Treasure of the Incas of the Indiana Jones slots is more exciting. When a player gets to the bonus round, other players can join in by simply paying and the Group Play option starts. For those who are not so into group games, they are not compelled to join this bonus round in the Indiana Jones slot because there's still a chance to win the bonus game and the progressive jackpot.

Another Indiana Jones slot is the Well of Souls and this video slot is multi-way. By multi-way, this means that the player can choose which specific spot to bet on. This Indiana Jones slot has 5 reels with at least 243 varying combinations that the player can bet on, bringing them a lot closer to the progressive jackpot.

One thing is common among Indiana Jones slots and that is the consecutive bonus game play. With each bonus game played, there's bigger winnings and there are guaranteed prizes so the player is definitely a winner even if they weren't so lucky to win the progressive jackpot.

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